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Each of us, young or older, has learned some valuable lesson or experienced a particularly memorable insight as we’ve traveled life’s path. These are the “ah ha” moments that shape our character and change our lives. Sometimes these “Pearls of Wisdom” simply affect our daily routines. While at other times, they result in quantum course corrections in our lives. Regardless, they move us forward on our personal journey.

Remembering and memorializing these Pearls are not only invaluable to our own well-being, but can also be important spring-boards for the personal growth of our family members, friends and others. Unfortunately, most of these Pearls are either forgotten or not passed forward to others. When that happens, they are lost forever. Like dropping valuable gems into the ocean’s depth. Gone, never to be seen, enjoyed or used by anyone ever again. “Puff”.

It obviously is just plain wrong when something so precious is squandered. These Pearls are an important part, perhaps the most important part, of our “life’s work” and our individual legacy. Like any other asset we work so very hard to obtain, our individual Pearls should not be wasted. Rather, this wisdom and our personal stories relating to it should be “paid forward” to others and available to all, especially to our kids. Contributing and helping them to live happier and more productive lives.

As a result, we have now launched an initiative, “My Pearls of Wisdom”, that reaches out to our family, friends and others to collect their individual Pearls and tell the personal stories that surround them. The tales of how the Pearls were born, used and affected their lives.

Our goals are few and simple. First, to not lose these Pearls and waste the wisdom they hold. Then, to pass them forward for the benefit of all. And, finally, to use these Pearls in some fashion which raises money and donate ALL net proceeds to charities which benefit children.


Everyone’s Pearl and story is important to this initiative. It doesn’t matter whether you are someone accomplished and well known, or not. Your individual lessons, your own wisdom, your personal story are invaluable. They should be remembered, memorialized and “paid forward”. They will teach, inspire and empower others for generations to come.

To our knowledge, an initiative like this has never been undertaken before. So, we invite you to play an important role in this slice of history by sending us your own Pearl and the personal story of how you learned and used it. By doing so, you can add an important asset to your own legacy and benefit others with your unique personal “Pearl of Wisdom”.

For this we thank you and those who benefit from your wisdom and story are deeply greatful.

Alec Glasser
Founder and Chief Curator

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  1. John Berzner

    Awesome! Great work, dude!
    Can you put a link to connecting point digital on your site? We’ll put a link to your site on our site

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